Tube Design

Tube Design – Mtube – Metalix

The Metalix MTube software is a 3D tube design application for simple and easy creation of 3D tubes. We have had some different punching machines through the years, with different branches side by side. It is remarkable how easily Metalix switches programming from one to the other. Bas Klarenbeek, Juvama bv, The Netherlands Using MTube, you can design almost any type of … Continue Reading »

Bend Cutting

Bend Cutting – MTube – Metalix

MTube lets you quickly create bend cutting in rectangular tubes. After a brief training period, we quickly came to top results. The friendly and competent advice and training makes the overall package of Metalix together with Klaus Buch unbeatable. Michael Kirchen, Spenglermeister und Geschäftsführer, Ferisol Sarl, Luxembourg The bend cuts in rectangular tubes allow you to later fold manufactured tubes … Continue Reading »

Tube Import

Tube Import MTube – Metalix

Metalix provides industry-standard tube import to MTube. I have used Metalix for 8 years and I am very satisfied. I work with two different punching machines and the same software. It is easy to learn and use. Udrea Nelu, Production Manager, Mar-Ina Prodprest S.R.L., Romania See the CAD tube part, imported into MTube Industry-standard tube … Continue Reading »

3d export

3D Export MTube – Metalix

The 3D export option allows you to seamlessly transport files from the MTube software into cncKad and MBend. Has been always a pleasure to work with Metalix … They did several customizations to suit our particular needs even better, and now they are perfect. William Perez, head of programming at TMP Manufacturing co. de México, … Continue Reading »