Machine Configuration – MBend

Machine Configuration allows to import and configure tools and machines. • Easy to learn • Many options even above the needs of the majority of users • Does not take up large system resources • Live updating • Low cost nesting compared to Metalix competition Jaime Martínez, Inspector, DHJ2 Construcciones Metálicas, S.L., Spain MBend provides … Continue Reading »

Batch processing

Batch Processing – MBend

The MBend automation feature allows batch processing your parts. “The main module that we are using is the batch processing. We usually run hundreds of parts every evening. In the morning we typically have over 95% of the parts processed. Thanks to MBend our productivity has increased dramatically.” Eyal Azar, CEO, Micro Metal Works Ltd., … Continue Reading »

Reports – MBend

Comprehensive MBend reports include all the information the operator needs to set up the tooling and bend the part. “The Metalix software has high supportability, high rate of function vs. price, and high sharing and compatibility. Metalix wins advantages over common marketing software that can only apply single function and single support with single software. We also praise the offering … Continue Reading »

genenerating NC

Generating NC – MBend

MBend creates NC code suitable for most machines and controllers. “I have used various software packages in the past for various laser machines and would say that the software provided by Metalix is comprehensive and very user friendly. The service back-up is also excellent and the adaptability of the software to your needs can be accommodated in most … Continue Reading »


Simulating – MBend

Simulating bends in MBend is a dynamic process, showing a realistic 3D visualization of the bending parts. “The automatic functions of the Metalix software are very sophisticated and facilitate the programming considerably. The quality and speed of our punching work increased at least by a factor of three. Thanks to the Metalix software, we have … Continue Reading »


Finger Positioning – MBend

MBend provides options for automatic and full manual control of the finger positioning. “It’s the only CAD/CAM software which can edit CAD and CAM in one window display. Easy to learn, easy to edit, and aggressive support! Is there any other better one?” Busung Co. Ltd., South Korea After you set a bend sequence, either … Continue Reading »


Sequencing – MBend

MBend enables manual selection or automatic calculation of bend sequencing. “Our new upgrade was up and running less than four minutes after installation. I am very satisfied with the new features and quality code.” Mitchell Parlette, Allfab, Inc., USA MBend automatic sequence setting capabilities: Calculation of a collision-free sequence for any number of bends Optimized tool station setup … Continue Reading »

Tooling MBend

Tooling Mbend – MBend

MBend tooling enables manual, automatic, and preferred tool selection, and saving or reuse of tool segment and position setups. “MBend software is just amazing. It helps to program the bending easier and quicker, reducing the amount of time required in the process, and improving the productivity like never before.” William Perez, head of programming at … Continue Reading »