Milling – cncKad

cncKad supports 2D milling for forming pockets and shaped contours. Finally we got cncKad, which has all the features in one single solution, even things that other big and recognized companies told me were practically impossible… cncKad did it. William Perez, head of programming at TMP Manufacturing co. de México, Mexico cncKad provides a 2D milling feature for easy formation of … Continue Reading »

Drafting – cncKad

Using cncKad‘s extensive and powerful CAD commands, quickly and easily design components, or edit imported projects from customer systems. cncKad is simple to learn and more easy to use … In cncKadeverything is done in one module, thus it is possible to stretch a part together with its processing.  Roman Molchanov, Puls Eko, Russia cncKad … Continue Reading »

DNC – cncKad

The DNC program offers up/download communication with the machine controller for remote batch loading and NC file extraction. cncKad lets us make a program with just a few clicks and keystrokes. CNC programming has never been so easy and fast! Josué Rincón, Programmer Biblomodel, S.A. de C.V., Mexico The cncKad DNC program provides upload and download data transfer with your machine. It … Continue Reading »

Reports – cncKad

Metalix offers detailed cncKad reports using a variety of production report templates. Once our new machine landed we were very happy with the speed in which we were able to get into full production. We believe cncKad had much to do with this. Mike Branderhorst, Andex Metal Products Ltd. (now Agway Metals Inc.), Canada cncKad offers detailed production reports that include all … Continue Reading »

Tube Cutting – cncKad

cncKad‘s easy-to-use tube cutting module offers fast and simple programming for CNC tube cutting machines. We are constantly comparing cncKad with products of its competitors, but still cncKad is easiest to handle, combined with great efficiency. Frank Geissler, SILL Leuchten GmbH (former; Franz SILL GmbH), Germany cncKad supports creating tube drafts, adding plane cuts or … Continue Reading »

Busbar – cncKad

cncKad provides full manual and automatic support for busbar parts. “Among all the software we have used, Metalix cncKad has been most customized in the fields of functions, convenience, and the transferring between NCT and laser 3D diagrams.  Besides, based on the Metalix policy of “customer service counseling”, the offering of training and education from Metalix makes its software one of the most … Continue Reading »

Drilling – cncKad

cncKad supports drilling machines and combination machines with an extra drilling head. cncKad has offered us a friendly and quick way to program like no other software. Many features, very customizable, and very affordable! Josué Rincón, Biblomodel S.A. de C.V., Mexico cncKad‘s drilling feature supports CNC-driven drilling machines and combination machines with drilling capability. You can precisely configure … Continue Reading »

Simulating – cncKad

Step-by-step, cncKad’s simulation displays the generated NC code, graphically showing the results of each operation. cncKad is very easy to use. Even a new operator is able to learn and create programs after a few hours of training Navarajan, Alstom Ltd., India Simulation Module  Watch a video presenting cncKad simulation The simulation module of cncKad is a versatile tool for displaying, … Continue Reading »

Generating NC – cncKad

cncKad creates efficient NC programs, taking machine capabilities and limitations into consideration. CncKad offers all the support and features anyone may need in the sheet metal industry, and the automatic generation of CNC programs is rapid and powerful, using all the capabilities the machine offers. Frank Geissler, SILL Leuchten GmbH (former; Franz SILL GmbH), Germany … Continue Reading »

Cutting – cncKad

cncKad cutting creates programs for your cutting machine from CAM files and designs. cncKad cutting turns CAM files into NC code for your cutting machine. In a few clicks you are able to generate efficient programs while optimizing material utilization and machine runtime. The cutting solution can be influenced by factors such as head, gas, … Continue Reading »