Job Tracking

Job tracking – Metalix

There were problems all the time with schedules and orders that were late. Working with Metalix with CSV connection to ERP system changed the situation radically.

Ville Otranen, Reifer Oy, Finland

The Metalix job tracking add-on is a database system for management purposes running over cncKad and AutoNest. Using JobTrack you can
• Record and monitor the production\manufacturing process\flow
• Store all parts, tubes, daily jobs, SubNests, etc.
• Sort and filter all the data, and search using complex search queries
• Manage and monitor material consumption and usage efficiency
The JobTrack management tool provides a clear picture of every ordered part’s state.

Job TrackingFor managing parts:
• Viewing all handled parts
• Finding and selecting parts from history
For managing/monitoring the ordered parts’ production process:
• Daily jobs
• SubNests
• Actual machining (production)
• Data mining capabilities for managers
• Efficiency
• Machine time utilization
• This PDF document details the requirements for SQL Mode and JobTrack.